Oyun Cemiyeti is a new generation media organization that produces content on the gaming industry and technology. The vision of Oyun Cemiyeti is to be a content platform/application where all young people in the world can find the content according to their interests, and brands can easily reach young people. On its website, Oyun Cemiyeti offers reviews and content related to the schedule, such as game and technology news.

Oyun Cemiyeti, which produces content actively on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, aims to be a unique internet television for gamers by creating content for young people who are tired of watching TV on its YouTube channel Oyun Cemiyeti TV, according to their interests. Reaching more than 100K monthly users in every channel it produces content, Oyun Cemiyeti provides brands with versatile digital media services such as new generation advertising models, tournament/league/event organization services, communication solutions in the game/esports sector, production services, and social media management.

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